As we girls know your home can say a lot about you, so what does his say about him? Are you really prepared to find out? Tell him you want to go back to his place. He will be delighted to show off his domain, his sacred place.

From his taste in décor to the contents of his refrigerator, your man's place can tell you a lot about what kind of guy he is. But do you know what his home is really saying? I think not. Look no further we bring you the low down on what his home really says about him.

Mr Sophisticated

This man stands out from all the rest and you can guarantee so will his home. He likes everything in it's rightful place, very well organised. He likes the finer things in life and has them donning his home, antiques, fine art, glass and not to mention a big leather sofa with nail trim.

He has bookshelves that hold books and not little models (sound familiar?). His furniture will be polished to perfection and his floor is wooden with some very well placed, expensive rugs. Does this sound like your guy?

His Bedroom - His bedroom is very minimilist, with the right amount of furniture (all expensive and all hand carved of course). His many, many suits are hung acording to colour and cut, along with his many ties and cuff links all neatly stored in thir right place. A biography or two won't be out of place on his bedside table.

His Kitchen - The only kitchen right for this man would be stainless steel and there will be plenty of it. To match will be all the top-of-the-range appliances. This kitchen is almost too good to believe (so is the man) - it is immaculate and like the rest of this home everything is in it's own place. This man likes all the finer things in life especially his food and drink. There are no take away boxes in his fridge unless you count the sushi. His fridge is loaded with fruits, vegetables, sauces of every kind, mineral water and a good bottle of wine.

His Bathroom - His bathroom boasts a beautiful iron claw-foot tub (antique of course). His towels are co-ordinated, very soft and neatly hung on a chrome towel rail. His electiric shaver is attached to the wall with a large chrome mirror.

The Verdict - If you're into art and the finer things in life then this is the man for you. But like they say, opposites attract. Maybe this guy needs someone that is a bit reckless, someone to help him let his hair down and relax for a while. You can be good for each other if you have different lifestyles. All you need is to find a level where you can both teach each other your way of life. The sophisticated man is definetly a great catch and if you can both conform to each others life you could be a perfect match.

The Ladies' Man

This is the man that is known as the smooth operator by his friend and ex's and his home won't deceive his reputation. If he doesn't have a home gym you will certainly find an exercise bike and a few hand weights.

He likes his mirrors, especially in the bedroom and may even have one above his bed. He will have photos of himself (most often doing something active). His place will have seduction written all over it. Is he your guy?

His Bedroom - The bed dominates the room. He has satin sheets and maybe a four poster bed. He has every type and colour of silk shirts with lots of expensive suits hanging neatly in his wardrobe and the door will be open so that he can show off his great taste in clothes (even if they are a bit loud this guy loves his clothes). He has gold mirrors and might have one on his ceiling above his bed. We musn`t forget all his photos of himself.

His Kitchen - This man likes to go the full hog in his kitchen. There are all the right ingredients to make the perfect romantic meal, from all the top notch china to the bottle of champagne on ice. His fridge is loaded with strawberries and cream.

His Bathroom - There is an abundant supply of scented massage oils next to all his grooming products in his bathroom cabinet. There will be a box stuffed somewhere with every type of condom you can buy along with few playboy magazines.

The Verdict - If you are looking for a serious relationship then stay well clear of this guy. But on the other hand if you are young and are just looking for a bit of fun then he is your ideal man. His answering machine is always a good give away that he is up to no good. If he has lots of messages then he is to popular or if he won't listen to them in front of you he has something to hide (another girlfriend perhaps). If it is fun you are after then this guy will give you the time of your life and he is a master under the sheets (he is a perfectionist on performance). If you don't want your heart broken then don't even go there.

The Mummy's Boy

As soon as you walk through the door you will feel the presence of his mother (even though she won't be there unless she has popped in for a coffee). There is more than likely a nice welcome mat greeting you and the rest of the house will be just as homely.

The chances are his mother has helped with the decor (chintz). there will photos of her in every room. Is your bloke still tied to his mother`s apron strings?

His Bedroom - The twilight zone doesn't have a look in. Flowered curtains, frilly pillows and duvet, large, dark furniture this bedroom couldn't get any worse. Think again he has a picture of his mother on his bedside table. Run, run.

His Kitchen - Labeled boxes of mother's home cooking fill the fridge. He has matching apron, oven gloves, and tea towels. He has all the place mats and coasters that you will find in any women's kitchen and not to mention all those cook books his mother gave him (not that she gives him a chance to doing any cooking).

His Bathroom - His mother has definitely done the decor here. Shell wallpaper, matching towels, bath mat, shower curtain and a toilet seat cover (please). He will have little cute soap dishes and even cuter soap.

The Verdict - This guy is very romantic, is overly sensitive and will always be loyal. But can this alone be enough to build a relationship. He's perfect for you if you want someone who will devote himself to you. But if you'd rather be with a man that is more of an adventurer then you are with the wrong person. There will also be the dreaded meeting with the mother. How on earth can you compete? This type of guy will never change and unless you are wanting to settle down, have kids set up the perfect home with the perfect husband and be the perfect wife, it ain't fair on either of you to keep this relationship going.

One of the Lads

You will probably smell it before he opens the door (unless he has made an effort for your visit). His fridge will be full of beer cans, he will have the biggest TV screen you can buy, there will be photos of him and his mates all over the place. You can usually spot this kind of guy before you get to see his place but in case you can`t we will let you into his world. This is one of the men that never grow up. Would your man rather be out with the lads?

His Bedroom - This man has not seen the carpet since the day he moved in. His clothes are piled high in the corner and mold is starting to form on the bottom ones. (He'd rather buy new then wash them). There are posters of half naked women all over his walls.

His Kitchen - You don't even want to go there. The bin is flowing with pizza boxes, the dishes are practically touching the ceiling and the fridge is full of last nights take away and half empty beer cans.

His Bathroom - The toilet seat is always up. You would have to disinfect it before you even thought of using it. There is toothpaste all over the sink and something has moved into the shower. You will find car magazines and playboy under the sink.

The Verdict - This guy doesn't know the meaning of responsibility (even though he is 30). It will take a very dominant women to clean this guy's act up. If it is a casual fling you want where you meet up once a week then he is your man (as long as it doesn't collide with the footie match). This man hasn't learnt to grow up yet and still acts like a child and sooner or later he is going to have to grow up. But if you can put up with his habits, his booze, and his friends then you are a brave woman.

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